The next generation mapping tool for the mobile platform.

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Smash n Tap

Score your tennis matches with wireless buttons and share online with live updates.

Each player attaches a small wireless button to their shirt or wristband. When a point is won the player taps their button and the score gets calculated and displayed on the court side screen, on the club dashboard and on your website.

Mobile app for forestry managment

By using the latest improvments in mapping technology we enabled users to use their phone or tablet with a large amout of mapping data even with limited and no internet connection.

Offline First

Mobile networks simply don’t provide that same level of quality and consistency. In the same way it makes sense to build interfaces mobile-first, it’s time to think about designing and building our applications offline-first. With an offline mode that isn’t merely a contingency for an error scenario, but a fundamentally more flexible and fault-tolerant way of application design.

We 💚 Open Source

Notnot is an open source company. We build our solutions and products with open source parts and release as much code as possible. We do this because we believe that it's the right thing for people, technology, and business. Some of the projects we have contributed to:

Elm - No Runtime Exceptions

Elm-lang compiles to JavaScript but unlike hand-written JavaScript, Elm code does not produce runtime exceptions. Instead, Elm uses type inference to detect problems during compilation and give friendly hints.

We have 6000+ lines of Elm, and after 6 months in production, it still has not produced a single runtime exception.

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